Eyelash Perm Kit, Professional Lash Lift Kit, Semi-Permanent Curling Perming Wave Suitable For Salon: Beauty

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10 reviews for Eyelash Perm Kit, Professional Lash Lift Kit, Semi-Permanent Curling Perming Wave Suitable For Salon: Beauty
  • 5 out of 5

    I have been wanting extensions or a lift for since it became so popular but i could never get myself to spend that kind of money on something as simple as lashes. My sisters do, and she brought home to product. Obviously I was her test subject lol.I am 18 and usually pick up anything with hair/makeup very fast. My lashes are average. Not too long, not short, they can hold a curl, but only for about 2 hours. There are so many videos showing how to use these, and I dont know about you guys, but I spend hours watching those. Very entertaining and educational.After she was done with my lashes i could for sure tell the difference and loved it! But I was so interested on doing it on myself. I ordered VEAMO lash lift kit and got it a couple days later. Went straight to my room and was ready to go.The hardest part for me was waiting the 8-12 min for the products to sit. But if you can be patient, unlike me, this will be amazing for you. Personally, I think it is crazy that all i had to do for these kind of lashes, was order this kit.I would have done this years ago. Every morning I am amazed that i did it for myself. And every night while i take off my makeup, i am amazed that my mascara didnt make my lashes limp. lol. Gives me a lot more confidence during the day as well. Just always knowing my eyelashes look amazing and give the attention to my eyes.If you are iffy about getting this, I say do it. Even if you can’t get the hang of doing it on yourself, it is worth the $10-$20 bucks to TRY and SEE if you can. Before you walk into a salon and spend up to $300. Very good self care time as well.

  • 5 out of 5

    The packaging is cute. The instructions didn’t tell me to glue the lift pads to your eyelids first before gluing the lashes to it so don’t forget that step. Would be easier to just lay down and have a friend help you do it. Maybe a good idea for a girl’s beauty night.

  • 5 out of 5

    When I say thick eyebrow hairs, I mean the actual hairs themselves are thick, not that your eyebrows are full overall. The perming process is damaging and drying and my eyebrows look good after, but I don’t know if thinner eyebrows could handle the chemicals. I would definitely recommend using Vaseline around your eyebrows to protect the surrounding skin and moisturizing them for a few days before using the product and every morning and night after. I use some oils and a leave in conditioner which has helped and moisturizer for the skin underneath based off some videos I watched about at home eyebrow lamination a which has really helped!

  • 5 out of 5

    I watched some video tutorials before I did my first application and it was immensely helpful. I get really great results when I apply mascara but my lashes are very thin so it’s barely noticeable without mascara. I’m definitely going to do this regularly since I love the results!!Tips & Hints:The lift pad sizes are based off of the length of your eyelashes. I used L for my lashes.The glue takes a while to dry down to a gooey consistency. If you try to apply right away, it will not stick.Per professional advice of a cosmetologist: no water, even mascara, the first 24 hours to let the perm set.

  • 5 out of 5

    The first night I tried to use this product I was very unsuccessful. I could not get the lashes to even stay on the strip. I didn’t put the undertow protector on and after trying multiple times my eye was raw and hurting. However, I should add – I took out my contacts like the package suggested. And man! Not a good idea! I can’t see my hand in front of my face!The next day I tried again and left my contacts in! Allowing the glue to get a bit tacky before trying to put my lashes up on to the strip helped. And the under eye patches were helpful as well and my eyes weren’t raw at all. I did use disposal q-tips with the tips cut off (so just a stick) so apply the formulas so I didn’t have to keep dipping the same stick in. The directions did lack in saying any kind of time so I had to do my own research on that so that was a bit disappointing. Over all, I liked the product! It was fairly easy to use once I got the hang of it (and could see!) and it definitely did what it was supposed to do! One eye definitely curled better than the other but I’m sure that is user error. Basically I don’t have to curl my lashes in the morning anymore!

  • 5 out of 5

    I’m not gonna lie, the first time I tried this I wanted to cry. I got frustrated and it did not work out well. The 2nd time I watched even more YouTube videos and got some great tips. First, you have to have pock the correct size for your lashes. I used the large which did not work and later used the small, which did work. Secondly, you have to have patience. Make sure you allow the glue to become tacky before applying the lift pads. I also used a qtip, but with the head taken off. Worked perfect for laying down the lashes and applying lotions. Make sure to use enough lotion! Not too much but enough to actually soak. After that they came out beautifully! So happy! Hope they last long.

  • 5 out of 5

    Wow! I have had inverted lashes for almost 20 years due to a surgery for entropion. I have tried everything from curling with eyelash curlers (both regular and heated), mascara, oils…and NOTHING could lift these thick lashes up! All these years my eyeball has been irritated by the edge of my inverted lashes, making it a little hard to focus and not to mention the irritability of having my lashes in my eye! My friend recommended I go get my lashes permed so I started doing the research and found that I could potentially do this myself. After reading countless reviews from different products, this one seemed promising. When I got the box I was ready to try it myself and OMG…OMG…OMG! My results were amazing! The instructions weren’t very clear but theres many instructional videos on YouTube that you can find so you know exactly what to do. I’m also impressed that I used so little of the product and I can probably use it again like 5x or more (although you need to wait 3wks before repeating). I’m on day 3 of the lash perm and my lashes have stayed up! I love this product and have already recommended my friends to use this! Thank you Lash Lift!

  • 5 out of 5

    I have used lash lift kit from several sellers, in fact, the effect of the glue is similar, because if you don’t want to hurt the skin, the glue can’t be too sticky. So to have a good effect requires patience and correct use method. After applying the glue, wait a minute or so, and then put it on the eyelid. At this time, the stickiness is the best and it will not fall off. Some people do it by themselves, and some people do it with the help of others, and the effect of the operation with others’ assistance is better. Overall, I like this one, and the price is very affordable.

  • 5 out of 5

    I looked at several kits and because the reviews sucked on most of them I chose the cheapest kit in case it was a flop!… I was very pleasantly surprised… the instructions aren’t the greatest so I watched a you tube video so I knew exactly what to do… the glue doesn’t stick right away so I put it on and let it set.. I also used a hair dryer on cool to speed up that process… if you can figure out getting everything to stick you are good to go! I left on the full 12 minutes on both steps.. just did today so not sure how long it will stay curled but they look great and are visibly longer and my eyes look more awake and wide… I did it by myself so it was a lengthy process but if someone could do both eyes at the same time it would probably take 30 minutes start to finish.. I would buy again

  • 5 out of 5

    Love this product! Was skeptical of an at home lash lifting kit so i bought the cheapest best rated prime checked kit. Did not dissapoint! I have absolutely no curl whatsoever in my lashes and was able to curl them! Instructions could have been better but i youtubed videos and basically figured it out. Did not irritate my eyes. Only thing i didnt lk was the lash glue but i used my own and that worked way better. Also u get many uses from these tiny bottles bcus u dont need alot!

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