Beauticom Dolly’s Lash Lift Eyelash Wave Lotion Premium Quality Perm Kit – #1 Choice for Professional Curling, Perming, Lifting etc.: Beauty

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Beauticom Dolly’s Lash – #1 Choice for Professional Curling, Perming, Lifting etc..100% Authentic Dolly’s Kit

Premium Quality – Amazon Choice for 7 Years in a row. Feel the Quality Difference.

Product is natural and long-lasting. Tested by millions around the world. Best Result Guaranteed!.

Developed by professional pharmacologists. Best Result, Very easy to use! Big Difference between Authentic Beauticom Dolly’s Lash vs Fake Brand.

**Only BEAUTICOM** authorized to sell 100% Authentic Beauticom Dolly’s Lash on Amazon site. Comes with: 1 Perm Lotion, 1 Setting Lotion, 1 Nourishing Agent, 1 Glue, 3 Y Brushes and 10 Medium & 10 Large Silicon Pads.

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10 reviews for Beauticom Dolly’s Lash Lift Eyelash Wave Lotion Premium Quality Perm Kit – #1 Choice for Professional Curling, Perming, Lifting etc.: Beauty
  • 5 out of 5

    Im so happy with this product, really curled my long straight lashes (no irritation whatsoever when I used this product). Used the medium silicone pads but I think the large will give the best result with my long lashes. Worth the price & so glad I dont have to curl my lashes anymore everytime I go out. I watched utube videos first & read reviews just to be informed on how to use this product. I did mine both lashes at the same time but carefully timed each eyes so as not to over process the lashes. Since mine r thick & long, did 15mins each application of the bottles except the 3rd one which is for 5mins. only. Used toothpick to separate the lashes while processing & will b using a lot of glue for my next application so that I wont have a problem glueing my lashes on the pad. Hope this review will help others who r thinking of buying or already bought the product. Bottomline, im very satisfied with my purchase!I attached pics, not exactly taken the same day(top pic taken on different occasion, bottom pic taken the next day after perming) but my lashes before perming & after

  • 5 out of 5

    Definitely works! I permed my lashes about a month ago and about 3/4 of my lashes are still perfectly curly. But new growth is short and strait so it’s annoying to have to curly just the base of my lashes to make them get with the program. This would be the same with professional lift as well. The product is great and worth every penny. Seems like it would last a very long time as well. The only thing I would like to put out there is, if you’re not a very meticulous person I wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself.. it can be harmful to your eyes if you did it incorrectly.

  • 5 out of 5

    This kit is amazing. It has everything you need for several lash lifts/perms. You can probably get a dozen or so out of one kit (using separate applicators and not double dipping, for hygiene reasons). My mom and I did each other’s lifts, and although we have no previous experience, they both turned out amazing. There are lots of YouTube tutorials, so we just watched one of those for reference. Also, we used q-tips to apply each different gel (though I’ve seen people use spoolie brushes) and it worked just fine for us. We just took about 3/4 of the cotton off the tip, so it wasn’t so bulky.

  • 5 out of 5

    I’m really impressed with the results from this product. I used to pay to get this done at a salon and I would say my lashes look just as good done from the comfort of my home at a fraction of the cost. I recommend thoroughly reading the instructions as well as watching a few YouTube videos. Basically get a good idea of the process before you start trying to apply any solutions. Make sure your lashes are glued securely, but don’t overdo it. I made that mistake on my left eye and lost a few lashes in the process. Overall, really good kit that I wish I would have discovered much sooner.

  • 5 out of 5

    Love this product! Please do yourself a favor and get it along with the lash tint. I have always wanted to do a lash lift and tint but never wanted to spend the money every 8 weeks. So I decided to do it myself and I’m extremely pleased with the results. This did take me about an hour and a half if not a bit more. Reason being is because I took my time and was very patient and careful. What I love about this is there are so many applications in this one kit, I could possibly use it another 15 times. I did alot of research videos to see tips on how to apply everything which helped tremendously. Just take your time and you will have a lovely lift afterwards!

  • 5 out of 5

    Just finished so don’t know how long it will stay but seriously the best purchase I’ve made on Amazon. I was skeptical at first. I used to get extensions but theyre too expensive and time consuming. This was very easy. The hardest part is removing the glue. I also bought a different rod kit which is why mine are pink. My lashes are super long but very straight so I needed a really big rod.

  • 5 out of 5

    Ok, I just finished doing this for the 1st time in my life! I’ve never had a professional lash lift, so didn’t have a ton of expectations. This is my advice and take aways: I have thick, very straight stubborn lashes, since I knew that going in, I left the perm solution and setting solution on for about 30 minutes each. I curled my lashes with an eyelash curler before I started and I think this helped because it wasn’t super difficult to get my lashes to stick. Although, I still had to use quite a bit of glue to keep it affixed to the silicone. I used the large form because it fit my eye best, with a little trimming, but I’m kicking myself for that now because I just read that the smaller the silicone eye form, the more dramatic the curl. I like dramatic! So next time definitely using the medium or maybe ordering smalls. It was about impossible to get all of the perm and setting solution off and that stressed me a little bit. Turns out that’s no big deal. I really freaked when it was time to take the form off and my eyelashes were all gunked together and still blue. I thought I had screwed it up. I almost got a wet rag to soak them because they were such a mess! Luckily, a calm came over me and I decided that I couldn’t be the 1st person this had happened to and that the saving grace had to be in the nourishing oil. I was right! With much patience, I kept dipping the end of a toothpick into the nourishing oil and separating all the lashes. This made the glue and blue gunk come to the top of the lash so I could safely pull it off without taking my lashes with it. Actually toothpicks were a must for gluing the lashes down and pulling them off the silicone, too. I also used a ton of q-tips! All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with my first run. It’s tedious, but not overly difficult. The instructions on box are pretty basic, but there are plenty of YouTube videos to help fill in the gaps. I would say the only cons are: took me 2 hours, start to finish and the perm and setting solution smell is pretty pungent (smells like a salon perm). However, so far, the good things far outweigh any bad. I’ll be interested to see how long it lasts and next time I’m definitely using smaller silicones for dramatic lift.

  • 5 out of 5

    It worked great for me! So the hardest part of this for me was getting the lashes glued to the silicone pad nice and evenly and separated. My lashes just wanted to clump on the pad but the little plastic comb they include really helped with separating the lashes.My lashes are long and very very straight. They do not hold a curl for longer than a few minutes and they don’t curl evenly, they just clump. I’ve tried so many mascaras and tips to make my lashes stay curled but nothing worked. Finally I was going to go to a salon and spend $70 on a lash lift but luckily I saw a YouTube video with this kit and I was convinced to buy it. Great purchase!! It’s been like maybe 6 weeks now and my lashes still look good though I think I may have to do my right side again soon because my lashes grew and now some of them aren’t as curled. But that’s my lashes, not the product. My left eye is still looking amazing!! This was a life changer for me lol. I just wake up with lashes that are nice and lifted. I wear regular mascara, no waterproof needed. The perm makes them curl and mascara makes them look a little thicker-it’s just a great thing! I wish I had before and after pics but trust me, this works great!! Worth every penny. I even did my lower lashes using the silicone pad kinda turned upside down. I didn’t want to curl them, I just wanted them to lay a little flatter and most importantly BE SEPARATED because they always looked clumpy like they got into a fight or something 😂. It helped to give that doll lash effect by using it on the lower lashes. Anyway BUY IT. If it’s too much money go halfsies with a friend because there’s definitely enough product for two people at least. I did my friends and he liked it. Seriously it’s so simple and easy to do and it’ll improve your life so much it’s almost funny.

  • 5 out of 5

    I’ve gotten my lashes professionally done at a salon and I think they used the same product. I’m glad to be able to do this at home and start saving money.I watched some YouTube videos first which helped a lot. The process wasn’t fast or easy but worth it in the end. My lashes look just as good as when I had them professionally permed.

  • 5 out of 5

    I’ve gotten lash lifts at a couple of salons that cost 2 to 3 times the cost of this kit. I have long, thick lashes that are extremely resistant to curl and basically point downwards. I read everyone’s recommendations in reviews. I’ve never even applied a fake lash, so to be able to figure this out myself was pretty good. The first one took me over an hour because I was nervous about touching my lashes and gluing them. The 2nd side took me 40 minutes–basically the amount of time the solution was on. It was easier when i trimmed the rubber thing and once i knew what i was getting into. I feel confident that I would be able to do both at the same time next time around. I would definitely use this again, and based on what I used, I probably have at least 6 more uses out of this. My only confusion was what size I should use. I used the large ones, but I wonder if medium would give a higher curl, since it was flatter.

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